Our consultants have experience in a broad range of industries. Regardless of your industry, the ability to execute – to put strategic plans into action – is an essential ingredient to success. Beaird Group has a unique ability to bring expertise across disciplines and from many industries. From marketing to finance to operations, we help clients grow their business and operate more efficiently and effectively.



Tighter regulations, green initiatives, rising costs, and increasing competition are just a few of the significant challenges for environmental services companies. Projects are complex and processes are mission-critical.


In addition to our academic and professional credentials, Beaird Group possesses experience in the areas of finance and accounting, project management, acquisition integration, HR, sustainability and marketing. Beaird Group’s environmental services consulting team combines practical industry knowledge with the ability to deliver project results.


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The education and public sectors play a significant role in our communities. Government and education leaders recognize we are in a new environment that demands doing more with fewer resources. To support this new environment, innovative software solutions can add tremendous capabilities to K-12 school districts, colleges and governments. Beaird Group’s proprietary methodology and tools help you through the process of gathering stakeholder requirements and developing RFPs with an end result of implementing software solutions. Our methodology and experience in implementing a variety of software packages can help you progress along the learning curve. Beaird Group helps organizations in the government and education sectors execute strategies, improve operations, and enhance effectiveness to better serve the community.


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The financial services industry is facing change on an extraordinary scale with regulatory reform, technology change, competitive dynamics and market movements. As the industry moves forward, financial services and insurance companies must seek ways to improve profitability, while at the same time balancing the demands of regulatory change.


We bring deep finance, human resources and sales and marketing expertise to our financial services clients. Our work blends best practices with sector-specific knowledge to deliver comprehensive insight into operations and technology. We help our financial services clients integrate acquisitions, improve customer satisfaction and improve the efficiency of customer service and technology operations.


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Engineering and construction work demands careful management of many critical and competing priorities and risks, including safety and environmental challenges, cost and schedule control, scope management, and quality assurance. Stiff competition for experienced talent, highly competitive bidding environment, technically demanding projects, and an uncertain economy all impact the success of every project.


Beaird Group team members have industry knowledge and business support experience ranging from residential construction contractors through highly complex capital projects in major industries. Our project experience brings a wealth of discipline and process to the engineering and construction sectors.


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Manufacturing and process companies are reducing operating expenses by investing in process improvement, utilizing existing capacity optimally and increasing efficiencies, all while maintaining high safety and quality standards. Beaird Group provides proven methodology to help you manage these competing priorities. We work with organizations to out-execute competition by applying best industry practices. Our expertise in operations and project management helps deliver initiatives that result in increased efficiency and effectiveness.


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The not-for-profit sector plays a significant role in the global economy–and in the lives and livelihoods of people around the world. Not-for-profit organizations face unprecedented challenges including a steady decline in government support coupled with increased demands for services.


Beaird Group partners with clients to target donors more effectively while keeping back-office expenses down. Beaird Group has helped clients leverage process improvements and technology to drive business process transformation and realize lasting organizational change. Simply put, we leverage our project leadership and skills to help you fulfill your mission.


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