Beaird Group is different from traditional consulting firms. Our consultants serve as a part of your team to solve problems, transfer knowledge and drive change from the inside out. For each new engagement, we assemble a multidisciplinary team to provide the resources necessary for success. We provide the best people for the job – people with over 20 years of experience- helping clients execute business initiatives in the areas of:



Business projects come in many shapes and sizes. Beaird Group has the versatility, skills, and savvy to develop and execute your project using the approach that’s just right for your needs.


Many of our Project Managers are certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs), experienced, trained and skilled in a variety of proven work processes, tools and techniques that they can custom fit to your project’s specific needs and requirements. Our Project Management Office (PMO) utilizes the Beaird Group PM Tool Kit full of proven and effective techniques and guidelines that are based on industry-proven practices.



We recognize you are balancing competing priorities. By providing a singular focus, we move projects forward allowing you to concentrate on other business critical initiatives.


When delivering business consulting services, Beaird Group uses a practical, hands-on approach. We leverage our experienced consultants, sector experience, and proven operating model to break through pain points that often constrain the ability to get the job done.



Your organization has varying needs for people resources. Beaird Group provides experienced, self-directed professionals who are highly adaptable and flexible…..and they get the job done.


Whether your professional staffing requirements include the need for interim CFO coverage, deep data analysis, or marketing program support, we can help. Our willingness to engage on any size project and to ramp up and down to match the workflow is our unique value proposition.