Why Hire Us


We design and implement solutions that address your business-critical needs. Operating seamlessly with your team to cure pain points, we enable you to focus on your core business. Clients partner with us because our model delivers high-value solutions by utilizing experienced, creative, schedule-flexible professionals who solve business challenges.


Solving business challenges – without breaking the bank.
Clients value our model which delivers high-impact solutions utilizing consultants with a range of experience, creativity and functional expertise. Beaird Group operates with low overhead allowing us to offer very attractive rates.


Providing flexible resources to meet your needs.
Our team works when you need us. We rally to support your challenging business projects. As projects are implemented, we can scale back to provide flexible support options. We “right size” our team to utilize the most cost-effective resources for a task.


Client-Focused Consultants.
Beaird Group is focused on what really matters—helping you solve your most pressing problems. Our experienced team is passionate about the work we do and it shows in our delivery. We are each motivated by the same thing—delivering real value.


Partners in the Trenches.
Beaird Group’s business is built on earning trust and developing a keen understanding of each client’s individual business needs and goals. After nearly 20 years of steady growth and change, we are still serving our first client. Our experienced consultants seamlessly integrate with your team. In the end, we partner with clients and do whatever it takes to deliver superior results.